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10 Awesome Podcasts For Becoming Your Best Self

  • January 25, 2017

I love listening to podcasts when editing my photographs, designing wedding albums, and taking my daughter for walks around our neighbourhood. I was inspired to create Planted With Light, because I noticed a gaping hole in the NZ and Australian podcast space. I’m so glad I did because stories from talented creative entrepreneurs from the southern hemisphere are being heard too.

The podcasts I love to listen to are a mix of Mum stories/advice, creative, spiritual and small business content. My favourite podcasts are the interview ones. Here are some of my favourites on regular rotation:

Business With Purpose I especially loved the episode with photographer Katelyn James!

Goal Digger Podcast Jenna Kutcher is an inspiring photographer doing some amazing work, I love the people she interviews and get so much value from this honest, vulnerable and fun show.

God Centred Mom The people Heather interviews are often more experienced in their parenting journey, so I get a lot of value and wisdom from this show.

Creative Empire Podcast The perfect blend of information and inspiration.

Mom Struggling Well I like Emily’s dry sense of humour on this show. I have shed tears listening to some of the people’s stories on this podcast, it’s real, honest, and gets straight to the heart.

Being Boss While I don’t listen to every episode, I’ve gotten some real business value from this show.

Smart Passive Income Every episode is jam packed with real value. Pat is a smart business guy, and I’ve learnt a lot from this show.

Making The Entrepreneur I think Jess may have taken a break, but there are some great episodes with people like Alex Beadon, Mimi Ikonn, and Amy Porterfield in the archives.

Create Lounge Kayla is taking a break from the podcast, but there are some inspiring episodes in the archives on iTunes. I especially enjoyed the one with Jen Carrington and Maya Elious.

Inspired To Action So much Mum life wisdom and inspiration.

What are your go-to podcasts to listen to for inspirational content? Leave a comment below, I love discovering new ones to listen to!

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