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PWL 019: Creating Connection Online | Bianca Cash

  • August 2, 2016

This month, I’m chatting with Bianca Cash. Bianca is a Melbourne based Graphic Designer & photographer, specialising in hand drawn typography and illustration.

Bianca has gained a pretty large following (over 70k followers on Instagram!), by being genuine and authentic with her audience. I love that as well as her beautiful illustrations and quirky quotes, there is a heart message behind everything she shares. It’s important to Bianca to authentically connect, and she certainly resonates with many people!


  • If you should study a creative subject at University if you aren’t academically inclined.
  • How to find your unique style.
  • How to price yourself when you start.
  • How collaborations work.
  • How to produce work that is a reflection of you and your heart.
  • How to create connection online.
  • Instagram tips.
  • Why going through a low can bring you to a great place.
  • Why authenticity is important.
  • Dealing with plagiarism and copying.

Bianca is a genuine artist who isn’t afraid to share her vulnerability with others, it’s easy to see why so many have gravitated towards her and her beautiful work. I know you’re going to love our chat!


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Bianca Cash
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  1. Morag

    I just finished listening to your podcast with Bianca Cash and I loved it! What a sweetheart.
    But also, what a brilliant example of how creative people need to back themselves, and not undervalue the “product” that we contribute!
    I had several “aha” moments listening to Bianca… And the advice about being consistent on Instagram and saying true to your brand was a great reminder to keep doing what I do – unashamedly!
    Thanks so much Kate!
    I look forward to next months instalment… X

    1. Kate Robinson

      Thanks so much for your feedback Morag, I’m so glad you enjoyed the podcast!

  2. Leah

    Thanks for another fabulous podcast! I loved hearing Bianca’s pearls of wisdom- that is such a unique gift! Not everyone can come up with such creative and inspiring ways of revealing simple truths – believe me I’ve tried! Looking forward to September’s podcast! :-)

  3. Brynn Fowler

    I loved this episode! So many great nuggets to think about. I know I left inspired! You do such a nice job with this Kate.

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