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  • May 19, 2015

How much time do you spend creating vs consuming? How much time do you spend online consuming other peoples creations, and how much time do you devote to your own work and creations? By creations, I don’t just mean art. Rather, what are you contributing to the world and those around you? Your ideas, opinions, personal style, and the unique flavour of YOU comes across in everything you create. Every one of us has something to unique to contribute, whether it be in your words, actions, photographs, what you wear or how you connect with others.

The internet is such an amazing platform for sharing ideas, thoughts, inspiration, personal stories and beauty. Just think, by writing a single blog post, you might change the course of somebody’s life! Okay, that sounds super dramatic. But think about it, if you keep your work to yourself and never share your unique creations, the girl that might have read your blog, looked at your photographs or listened to you speak, may never be motivated to start her own business. Through your words, you might have inspired her to start University, or to leave it. She may never get the chance to realise her dreams, because you were afraid to put yourself and your unique voice out there.

Don’t underestimate the power of the internet. Maybe thats what makes sharing online scary, but even if you feel like no one will see what you have created it at first, I know there is so much power in sharing what we create. I have been questioning myself for a little while, wondering if I should write these sort of posts on my blog. I’m a wedding photographer, so maybe I should only share photographs? But deep down, I know I want to share more of what is on my heart. I desire to be authentic, real and honest!

I can tell when I have been consuming more than I have been creating. I question myself more, my words don’t flow easily, I second guess what I put online, or I don’t share anything at all. Consuming for me means looking at other photographers blogs too often, watching too many YouTube videos, reading too many blogs, and comparing myself to others too much! When I tip the balance and shift my focus to sharing and contributing, I am more balanced.

I am playing in the arena when I contribute and share my words and my photographs. I’m putting myself out there and making myself vulnerable, which in turn, is the best solution to keep discovering my unique voice and style, and hopefully impacting others a little too.

Create > Consume. Did this post inspire you? How are you going to tip the balance to create and contribute more than you consume? I would love to hear from you! xx

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